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Bee removal, Wasp removal, Hornet Removal, in Aurora in Montgomery in surrounding area. Bee control service. 

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Around 35 years of knowledge in this work.

Welcome to year 3 of full time bee and wasp removal. I began keeping honeybees back in 1994, the love of bees and wasps started much sooner, started with Ants at age 5 then wasp when I got fast ;-) I focus on Stinging Insects, so 100% of my know how goes into it, not going to be removing mice one minute and ants the next, ever job I am improving myself for the next bee or wasp removal.   In God I Trust.

I save Bees that Pollinate our food

I relocate Honeybees, Bumblebees and carpenter bee, when possible. 

I remove wasps and Hornets

With Yellow Jackets, wasp and hornets I remove the nests from walls and the ground.  No random spraying, I make sure they are gone, when at all possible. When you call I will ask for a picture, that way i can give you a idea of the cost to remove or if even needed.  I will charge only for work needed, no monthly plans, bees and wasp should never need, a monthly visit. 

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Are you sick of hearing, "lets get you set up on a monthly plan"? I have no monthly plans, there is no need, when I kill or relocate them they are gone. May take sometime for them all to be gone, but with the nest gone they will be also, takes time. Pricing based on type and location of bees and wasps. Do not do work over 10 feet high. and 20 mile work zone around Montgomery. nothing east of 355. May work outside the 20 for added fee, $5.00 for each mile over the 20.

Marks Bee Bizz

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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Marks Bee Bizz

Bumblebee relocation.

Inside a Yellow Jacket nest

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Inside a Bumblebee nest

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Inside a Honeybee nest

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